High Bay Lighting + LED Warehouse Lighting

When lighting large indoor spaces, LED High Bay lighting consistently outperforms other types of luminaires, making it a popular choice for lighting in warehouses, gymnasiums, and department stores— particularly those with high ceilings and extensive floor space. Considering efficiency, quality and maintenance requirements, this LED system can often improve your facility and save you money in the process.

The most common alternatives, metal halide, high pressure sodium, and fluorescent bulbs, all have contraindications for this type of usage. Typically seen illuminating sports fields and arenas, metal halide (MH) is adequate in terms of colour rendering and foot-candle levels, but can be costly to maintain, and often flickers on and off. Also, these bulbs can take up to 20 minutes warm up, are less efficient as they do so, and waste much of the energy they produce as heat.

High pressure sodium bulbs (HPS) are cheap to buy and operate, with a relatively long lifespan, but have extremely poor colour rendering— and, like MH bulbs, have an extensive warm up period.

Fluorescent bulbs have cheaper initial costs, and high efficiency, but their disposal is more complicated due to the usage of toxic mercury. Perhaps most importantly, their lifespan is decreased if they are switched on and off, and they require a ballast.

LED bubs require far less maintenance than their counterparts. They are mounted higher on the ceiling, requiring scaffolding or hydraulic lifts to replace, but their lifespan is four to forty times longer, meaning that on average their maintenance is comparatively less costly overall.

Furthermore, they boast improved lighting quality, and require less energy than their competitors to produce the same lighting output because they produce less heat. They can also be dimmable, which not only saves energy, but ensures that your lighting works for you in different conditions.

As the UK’s High Bay LED supplier of choice lighting units available for next day delivery), we are confident that you can find a lighting solution that works for your indoor facility with LED Supply and Fit. Any questions? We’re here to help.