LED Installation

LED lights are a popular upgrade, especially in commercial properties. They are versatile and can be used in multiple ways, such as under counters and display units, behind TVs and around picture frames. But they are also useful for lighting busy production or industrial areas.

LEDs emit far less heat while in use, compared to traditional bulbs and as such, use less electricity. They last longer than other types of bulbs such as halogen, meaning that energy bills are lower each month. They don’t require replacing as often either which can provide benefits in terms of avoiding such frequent access to awkward areas such as high level roofs in factories and reduced associated downtime.

Another fact: LEDs can last around 50,000 hours, compared to a halogen bulb which typically lasts around 2,000 hours.

Installation Process

If you are considering Installing LEDs, we will send out one of our electricians to perform an initial site survey. This involves looking at your lighting situation and providing an evaluation on your current energy usage and maintenance costs. Once this is done, we will discuss what the most suitable solution is for you and provide you with a quote.

Once the quote is accepted, we arrange a day and time for the installation. As part of the work, we check wires, fuse boxes and assess for any other electrical issues, ensuring the installation can be done safely.


Once installed, we can provide any advice you may need on the use of LEDs and what to do once they need replacing in the future. We also provide a year of onsite maintenance and a 5-year guarantee on lights, in the unlikely event that you were to encounter an issue. Our electricians are highly skilled and qualified to handle any lighting installation process, no matter how big or small.

If you are interested exploring the benefits of LEDs for your business, why not contact our friendly team at LED Supply & Fit?