Discovery Museum

LED Supply & Fit help Discovery Museum improve green credentials with energy efficient lighting

New energy efficient lighting has been installed in Discovery Museum’s Science Maze thanks to County Durham based LED Supply & Fit.

The new LED lighting is significantly cheaper to run and has brightened up areas of the gallery more effectively, enhancing visibility on objects and pathways for visitors.

Science Maze is a huge interactive gallery popular with all generations which introduces visitors to the wonders of science and engineering.

Nick Butterley, Customer and Facilities Manager at Discovery Museum said:

“We’re really grateful to LED Supply & Fit for helping us light Science Maze. The new LED lighting uses less power and gives us brighter light, making it a lot more sustainable and energy efficient. It’s made a huge difference; the objects are more effectively lit and it has improved accessibility too.”

Gary Rudd, Director of LED Supply & Fit who has been an electrician for over 25 years, said:

“LED lighting is better than traditional lighting because it uses LED chips and it lasts a lot longer. Your traditional lighting can last for between three and eight thousand hours – LED lighting can last up to fifty to sixty thousand hours at half the running cost.”

Stephanie Rudd, Director of LED Supply & Fit said:

“It’s fantastic to be able to support the museum, and the community that use the museum too.”

Some star objects in Science Maze include Joseph Swan’s oldest commercial lightbulb in the world which sits in probably the most comprehensive collection of lightbulbs in the world; the first quick-break safety switch by Newcastle inventor John Henry Holmes, various engines, a Penny Farthing and even a Victorian fire engine.

Families of all ages enjoy the gravity well interactive, the shadow wall, and the multiple interactive machines and much more.