Ravensworth Golf Club

LED Installation

Shortly after we presented the cost savings that were generated from installing LED lights within the club. Our engineers carried out a full LED fit. As preferred suppliers for the Carbon Trust Fund Ravensworth Golf Club decided to take advantage of a Capital Contribution Grant receiving £750.00 towards their LED installation.

Our Task:

Reducing the Ravensworth Golf Clubs’ electric bill was a priority, it was essential that we achieved the correct level of light throughout the building. Our engineers worked closely with the club’s chairman so that the installation of the new LED Lights within the club’s busy environment caused as little disruption as possible. Converting toilets, kitchens, offices and locker rooms we used a variety of LED products ranging from our 600×600 LED Panel, 4ft and 5ft LED Battens and Round Recessed LED Panels were also fitted. The club’s Chairman found that the costly fluorescent lighting in the changing rooms was often left on overnight by members which was costing extra, to counteract this we installed microwave sensors which detect whether there is activity in the area, if no movement is detected the lights would automatically turn off, this avoided lights being unintentionally being left on saving more money. Our surveyor brought to the club’s attention that the emergency lighting was dated and unreliable which could cause a risk to all staff and members. This was taken on board by the club and we were asked to install LED Emergency Bulkheads to create a safer environment for all concerned.

Client Savings

Old Lighting Costs:

Cost Per Year £3,150.00

Cost Per 10 Years £31,500.00

Total Savings After LED Installation:

Per Year: £2,302.50

Saving 70% = £23,025.00 over 10 Years

26 Months Return on Investment

  • 8 x LED Panel 600 x 600
  • 25 x Round Recessed LED Panel 20w
  • 2 x 2D LED 15w Emergency
  • 3 x 5ft Non Corrosive LED Single Tube 26w
  • 18 x 2D LED 15w
  • 1 x 5ft LED Batten 35w
  • 2 x 2D LED IP65 15w
  • 5 x Emergency LED Bulkhead 3w
  • 2 x LED Bulb 4w