Setting Up Electricity in your New Building

When it comes to relocating your house, packing and shipping things is the centre of attention, but that’s not all you need to worry about. Many people, in hindsight, forget about the necessity of setting up their gas and electrical means before moving in.Worry not, there is still time, and with our help you could speed up the process and procure the needed services efficiently. You can read up all about the same on the Switch Plan guide to setting up gas and electricity.Since shifting is not done very frequently, it’s not always evident how to go about it. To assist you, we have put a summary of how to set up electricity in a new building.

How to set up electricity while moving house

You must configure each utility separately. It’s generally recommended that you begin the procedure three weeks before moving out. However, you must inform your utility provider about your requirements so they can make the necessary arrangement.Here are the steps to set up electricity:

Identify the providers

The electricity supplier for your new house may differ from your previous home. There are various suppliers that provide such services, and you need to check for their availability in your area.If you’re relocating to a newly acquired home, look for an electricity supplier on the websites for the location. Examine your contract or consult your homeowner if you are leasing.

Contacting the providers

You can contact your suppliers once you identify them. You need to transfer electricity supply or cancel them and set up new ones.

Transferring the services

You must notify the supplier and request to relocate the services to another location. You’ll have to offer your current address and the particular day you want the service to be switched off.

Changing the suppliers

If you plan to switch providers, you must contact the supplier to terminate the services. You need to provide them with the address and the precise date to cancel your services.

Setting up new services

To start a new connection, go to the provider’s website. On the website, you can locate the new connection column or call them directly. Now provide them with the location and date for setting up the supply, and they will be there.

Understanding Electricity Bills

When you are moving house, your electric bills might get more confusing. Some companies can charge a transfer fee, whereas others impose additional fees for setting up new services. Therefore, it is crucial to analyse your bills and understand the various charges imposed for transferring the services or availing of new ones.

The Bottom Line

It would help to compare the tariff while making the final decision for choosing a supplier. Also we recommend checking to what extent your supplier offers smart meters as they are easier to use. Several players in the market such as SSE or British Gas give the possibility to use one. For more info on smart meters, check here.If you find it difficult to select the right utility supplier, Switch Plan connects you with the best suppliers in the field. Get in touch with them now!