Saturn highbay LED light

What Size High Bay LED Lights Do I Need?

High bay LED lights are an essential part of industrial and commercial lighting. They are designed to illuminate large areas with high ceilings, typically above 20 feet. These lights are commonly used in warehouses, factories, gymnasiums, supermarkets, and other large spaces. However, choosing the right size of high bay LED lights for your space can be a daunting task. This article will guide you on how to determine the appropriate size of high bay LED lights for your needs.

Understanding High Bay LED Lights
Before we delve into the specifics of sizing, it’s important to understand what high bay LED lights are and why they’re beneficial. High bay LED lights are energy-efficient alternatives to traditional metal halide or fluorescent high bay fixtures. They offer superior light quality, longer lifespan, and significant energy savings.
High bay LED lights come in different shapes and sizes – round (UFO), linear, grid mount, or I-beam – each designed for specific applications. The size you choose depends on several factors including ceiling height, area size, type of activity in the space, and desired light levels.

Determining Ceiling Height
The first step in determining the right size of high bay LED lights is to measure your ceiling height. This measurement is crucial because it dictates the power (wattage) and beam angle you need.
For ceilings between 20-30 feet high, 150-200 watt high bay LEDs would be suitable. For higher ceilings above 30 feet, you may need more powerful fixtures ranging from 200-400 watts or more.
The beam angle also plays a significant role in lighting distribution. A narrower beam angle (60-90 degrees) is ideal for higher ceilings while a wider beam angle (90-120 degrees) works best for lower ceilings.

Calculating Area Size
The next factor to consider is the area size that needs illumination. This will help determine how many high bay LED lights you need and their placement for optimal light distribution.
As a rule of thumb: one 150-watt UFO high bay light can cover approximately 300 square feet at a mounting height of 15 feet with medium brightness level suitable for general tasks.
However, if your space requires higher brightness levels – like in precision work areas – you might need more fixtures even if they have higher wattages.

Considering Light Levels
Different activities require different levels of illumination as recommended by The Illuminating Engineering Society (IES). For instance:

  • Warehouses require 10-20 foot-candles (fc)
  • Manufacturing spaces require 20-50 fc
  • Gymnasiums require 30-50 fc

To achieve these recommended light levels using high bay LEDs without over-lighting or under-lighting your space requires careful planning and calculation based on fixture efficiency (lumens per watt), fixture quantity and layout.

Choosing the right size of high bay LED lighting involves considering several factors such as ceiling height, area size and required light levels based on activities performed in the space. By understanding these factors and seeking professional advice when needed; you can ensure that your commercial or industrial space is well-lit with energy-efficient lighting that enhances productivity while reducing energy costs.